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  • This isn't some bullshit "theory" - We gift you the proven system that plugs and plays directly into your business without having to upheave your entire business model.

  • Rocket Boost Your Sales and escalate from selling $150 - $900 membership or PT package to a staggering $2,000 - $6,000 9-week Transformational Program with an 80% closing rate.

  • Gain direct access to Scott and Dave 5 times per week plus LIVE trainings. Nobody in the industry can match our system, and nobody can touch our service level either.

  • Every tool and document you'll need - Sales and fulfillment resources included for you to use as-is or private label for your own business. We don't hold anything back.

Meet Your Coach

Scott Carpenter

6x Gym Owner, PT Legends Founder

Back in 2016, Scott was stuck in the grind, clocking in at 4:30am, punching out at 7:30pm, and surrendering his weekends for what felt like forever - all while trying to pay for a wedding and support a newborn son.

His boutique gyms imploded after his general manager turned out to be a total douche, sleeping with multiple female employees and coercing them to stay quiet...

With two gyms bleeding coaches, clients, and money, and facing 60+ hour work weeks, Scott was determined to never be so vulnerable again...

He tried everything, put in every ounce of effort, but he remained "stuck" in his business, unable to break past the suffocating revenue and profit ceilings.

But in the middle of this crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and Scott stumbled upon a truth...

The hardest way to double your business is by doubling your client base. Churn will fight you every step of the way, and works harder against you the more successful you are...

The easiest way to double your business is by doubling your average client value (not for everyone... but for those who need more than just workouts to achieve their goals).

Within 90 days, Scott integrated high and mid-ticket transformational offers into all of his gyms, and they've now raked in $5MM+ over the past 2 years...

Today, he's fanatically passionate about empowering other gym owners to tap into the incredible power of making more money with less clients...

Collectively, Scott and his team have empowered over 100 gym owners to smash all-time revenue records and achieve genuine freedom in their businesses.

Hear Client Success Stories

Robert Scaled to a Whopping $59.6k in His First 30 Days

"For the first time in 9 years of business, I finally feel free... I just want to say thank you for having the boldness to create a program like this." - Lauren D

"This is going to change everything you thought you knew about sales" - Shannon L

Hungry To Do This In Your Gym?

Dive Into Our Free Training and You'll Discover How You Can:

  • Experience a Radical Transformation: Unearth the secret to switching from pitifully undervalued one-on-one sessions to lucrative, overlapping sessions, effectively doubling your income without losing a single client.

  • Master the 3-Step Framework: Unlock the tried-and-true framework: build, sell, and renew your offers. This method isn't just about stitching a high-ticket program onto your current services, but about radically transforming your business, and hell, even your life.

  • Construct Your Dream Empire: Whether your goal is to step away from the business, open a second location, or create a profitable online coaching business, our program is engineered to catapult you there. Benefit from personalized one-on-one guidance, weekly calls, and action plans custom-built to your unique situation and goals.

  • Access a Treasure Trove of Exclusive Resources: Master how to measure vital business metrics accurately and harness these insights to create a thriving, prosperous business. Take the leap to revolutionize your business and life in a mere four to eight weeks.

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